Thursday, May 30, 2013

Letting Go and letting...

Today's blog challenge is titled Letting Go. 

Letting go has been something that I have struggled with, learned about, and have continually worked on this past year. After an awful break up last summer (que water works) (just kidding, I am over it!) I really struggled with this saying. Not so much because I was still holding on to the idea of "the ex" but rather the idea of having someone else care about me. I have been the girl that has dreamed of her wedding day since a young girl, I have watched my aunts wedding video over and over again as a child (where I was a flower girl) and would dress up in my biggest, pouffiest, white play dress as if I was the bride. 

When the relationship ended I was so upset because I felt as though that dream of mine would never come true. I know, so dramatic right! However, this past year I dove into Gods word and recently had a really long talk with one of my best friends about life, Gods will, and love. I was telling her for the first time in my life I actually like being single! I actually like the idea that come graduation in December I don't have another persons life to consider where I will move to, I like the idea that I can focus my full attention on my students (especially if I want to continue teaching inner-city), I like the idea that I am only 23 years old and although others around me are getting married, I am still young and have plenty of time :) And maybe that time won't come? Maybe God's will for me is to be a single teacher so I can invest my full attention on students, or maybe not? 

But I do know that worrying about it, or trying to take it in my own hands has NEVER worked out well. God is the author of my life, and he has done an incredible job so far, so why do I want to write this chapter? 

Letting go, and letting GOD. 

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  1. Love this post. I too, struggle with worrying and thinking that I can take things into my own hands. I have to remind myself that I can only see such a small part of the big picture, and I'm much better off leaving it to Someone who can see the whole thing :)