Monday, May 6, 2013

What defines you?

Day Six of Blogging Everyday in May Challenge: If you can not answer with your job, how would you answer the question what do you do? 

I am a firm believer that there is not one specific thing that defines someone. There is no one title that an individual holds. A piece of paper with a degree does not define someone as more elite than one who does not hold the degree. However, our society is defined by these specific titles, by occupations or lack there of. 

I myself have many titles. I do many different things. For one, I am a teacher. I have not graduated yet, but am in the process of finishing my student teaching. This title of mine is one of my greatest accomplishments as well as one of the things I do in my life that I can see an impact being made. It is funny watching students learn, develop, and grow over the nine months you have them in class. I currently work with sixth graders and to see their maturity just blossom before them is amazing. Being a teacher does not just mean you teach students content, but you prepare them for life, you teach them to take things on individually and equip them with the skill of self-accountability. I am so blessed to LOVE what I do. 
learning how to break dance with the kids!

I also am a daughter and sister. I currently live with my parents as I finish college. When I first started college I moved out, as fast as I could. I was ready to take on the world! Four years I lived on my own, and I called my mom at least one time every single day. I could not imagine my life with out my parents. I am so blessed that they let me move back in as I finish school and that they are supportive of my decisions. I also am an older sister (aka the second mom). I am VERY protective of my two little sissies, even if they are not so little anymore. I am not kidding when I say if you mess with them you mess with me! I love being an older sister to them and I love being a daughter. 

mom, one of my sisters, myself

I am also a christian (the largest and most proud title I hold), a friend, a college student, an employee, a reader, a runner, and so many other titles. I hope that someday I can add to my list of titles wife, mother, dog owner, home owner, etc. 

Never let just one of the things you do define you! Think of what you do on a daily basis, of the different things your life holds. No one just does one thing, they do many things, that is the beauty of life :) 

-Erica Ashley

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  1. love how you answered this erica! and especially how you describe your relationship with your family :)