Saturday, May 25, 2013

Words I won't forget

Today's challenge is to share something someone told you about yourself you will never forget. 

I have this friend and in high school we were hanging out and watching a movie. As I was intently watching the notebook, yes he was nice enough to watch the first half with me, he looked down at my feet and said "wow your feet are so weird, they look like a monkeys feet." I still don't know what that means and to this day he will mock me about them! However, I am now very self-conscious of my feet and a few days ago at school one of my students nicely pointed out the flaws of my toes, heels, and how small they were. I don't know what a monkeys foot looks like but I am pretty sure I don't want mine to look like them. 


Yesterday I had such an awesome day! I got to babysit two wonderful children and go to a small group party for my sunday school :) It was a ton of fun! We grilled out, played games, and go to know each other more. I use to be really scared of Sunday School classes and small groups because of a horrible experience I had in high school. I am so glad that I gave it another chance and even though it took 8 years to try it again, I only wish I would have joined sooner! I am so blessed by my church and the small group I am finally a part of! 

photo shoot!

blessed :) 

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