Friday, May 10, 2013

Linking up on Friday

Happy Friday!!! 

Starting off with the blogging every day in May challenge is to spill your most embarrassing moment(s). I live a very clumsy life so the typical fall is not as embarrassing anymore. To be honest, it really takes a lot to embarrass me, it kind of goes with the territory of being a teacher since you have to be able to put your self out there to be laughed at in order to get a point across at times. However, if you think back to my fear of hugging post I told a funny story about how I practiced hugging my friend before I went on my first date with this guy. 

Well there is more to this story. So I have horrible anxiety when it comes to hugging, mainly because I don't know what to do with my hands and head. My sister informed me it just comes natural so maybe I think to hard about it but regardless it terrifies me. So before I went on my first date with this guy I was hanging out with my best friend and her boyfriend. We were discussing my fear when my friend said, "why don't you practice hugging on Nick (her boyfriend)." GREAT IDEA! I gave him over 20 hugs in order to find the perfect way to do it. 

The next night I had my first date and the moment came to hug him. It went great!! The hug must have gone well because he came over to my apartment a few nights later to watch a movie. That same night my friend and her boyfriend decided to drop by my apartment as well. When they walked in Nick was dying to know how the hug went so he went right into it by saying "Erica, how did the date go?" "How was the hug?" "Do you think he liked it?" "Did the practice of the hug work?" I was so embarrassed and tried to change the subject by saying "Yeah it was great, so what are you doing tonight?" My friend nudged her boyfriend to get him to be quiet but he did not get the sign, so he said "I hope all the practice of hugging really helped you out, he would probably think you were so weird if he knew you practiced hugging me before him." UGGHHHHH. Mind you "the guy" is sitting in the room listening to all of this! 

Well Nick finally got the picture that "the guy" was in the room with us, which made for a really awkward conversation after Nick and my friend left. How do you explain to someone you have only been on one date with that you practiced hugging someone else before you hugged him? Awkward. Which ultimately led to a break up a few months later. 

What is your embarrassing moment?


Dear Friday, Great to see you again, you will be filled with lots of homework today! Dear Greys, if that baby dies I might threaten to never watch you again, it will be a lie, but still, let the baby live! Also, why is every couple that should be together not? Dear Scandal, WHO IS THE MOLE?? Seriously! I don't even know where to begin with you right now, you are the most amazing yet frustrating TV show I have ever watched! Dear Mother's Day, you are right around the corner! I can't wait to spend the day with my family! 

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  1. Haha Ugh I am an awkward hugger too! That's really embarrasing though I must say but no doubt something like that would happen to me too.

    My roomie is currently watching Grey's as I type and she is yelling at her computer screen -- so you are also not alone on that haha