Monday, May 13, 2013

My Public Apology

Today's challenge is to write a public apology. This one was hard for me to think of! Me and my sister have been joking around a lot lately about all the quirks that we will someday bring to our future marriages. Granted, I don't have a boyfriend, but we always laugh about the funny things that some unknown lucky guy out there will have to deal with forever. So whoever this lucky man is, here goes nothing! 

Dear Future Prince Charming,

You have no idea what you are getting yourself into! I would like to start off by saying I am sorry for the lack of finances I have to contribute to our bank account! I have shopping. I love shoes, purses, jeans, tops, and jewelry. So although I can not contribute much money, at least I will look good (or try to).

Which brings me to my next point, sorry for the lack of closet space. Like I said, I love shopping :)

I also need to note the amount of bed space I occupy. I kind of like sleeping right in the middle of the bed, with all the covers. So I will come out and say a King size bead might be necessary, and I am so sorry for your future freezing cold nights ahead of you

I am sorry if you talk to me before I drink a cup of coffee. I can't function with out it. I also can't wake up with out it. So when the mornings come and the coffee machine isn't working, I apologize for my sassy remarks that will follow. 

Although these are some of the quirks I have, I do promise I have a lot of great qualities to, but unfortunately this not a letter about how awesome I am! 

- Your future princess

Have a great Monday everyone! 


  1. Haha such a great post, im the exact same way! I just came home from school and my two closets are full! and I have a box full of clothes I'm giving away/donating! I told myself I should never shop again! Watch out future husbands ;)