Tuesday, May 28, 2013


CHECK OUT MY BLOG!!! Doesn't it look pretty?!?

I am seriously so lucky and so thankful for Rachel at Dwn In Lndn! She has spent all day making my blog look better than I ever thought it could!!! Seriously, you should contact her right away because she is awesome! Let me tell you a little bit about friendship :)

Me and Rachel have become blog friends about a month ago. I LOVE reading her blog!! Anyway, we stared commenting on each others blogs and have been emailing each other ever since! We have a lot in common such as both being in college, loving the same music, same books, movies, etc. I am just so happy to have found her blog via blog world but more so, I am so THANKFUL what she has done with my blog! 

Thanks Rachel!!! Once again, check her out, she is AMAZING! 

Dwn in Lndn


  1. Looks awesome chica! I have never had a professional blog design but I'm itching for one! Hope you had a great Memorial Day!

  2. You are SO awesome! And its crazy cool to see my design in action! I love it and I'm THRILLED you love it too!

  3. Absolutely beautiful design and lovely and blog :)