Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Summertime in Northern MI

Today's challenge is to post only pictures. Since I have been MIA this weekend and have "failed" the challenge I promise lots of pictures, as well as words, because I have to tell you about the amazing weekend I had at my cottage  :) 

I seriously LOVE going up north! There is nothing better than north in the Mitten , especially during summertime (hence kid rocks song where he says "summer time in northern michigan"). I have been traveling to my cottage since I was born, 23 years this place has been a home away from home for my family and all my cousins. It is probably the most relaxing place I go to just sit back, do nothing (except tan and read), and let the worries of the world just slip away. I like to think of it as "my go to place" where I can wake up in the mornings with a cup of coffee and enjoy gods word along with his creation :) True bliss. 

Beautiful Sunset :) 

Some of my favorites about the cottage: the flowers, wishing well, bell, and the creek 

My sister and I on the pontoon 

Coffee and bible study in the morning :) 

Grandma and me :) 

Sunset night two

I heard fish like kisses, this is as close as I would get! 

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend and thank you to all who have served for our country/are serving for our country currently! And to all of those who have loved ones doing so :) 

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  1. Ahh!!! It's in Mich? I'm literally obsessed with going to michigan (I have a bunch of friends that now go to umich/msu) I was just there in April! But the cottage looks uber peaceful....I can only imagine how much you love this place:)

  2. I wish I had a cottage to get away to! I've already told my boyfriend that once we get married & have kids we're picking a place & going every single summer so they'll have memories like these! That sunset is beautiful!

  3. Beautiful horizon photos and nothing goes better with bible reading than a cup of coffee!