Monday, May 20, 2013


Today's challenge is write about what you are struggling with right now. 

The thing I am struggling most with right now is the unknown of the next year of my life. I guess your future is always unknown, but with graduation from college approaching, the search for a job on, and the lack of teaching jobs in the mitten, there is a lot to "worry" about.

In some of my other post I have mentioned the idea of Houston, Texas becoming a potential home for me in the next year; and although the thrill of moving somewhere as warm and nice as Houston, the thought of being so far away from my family completely freaks me out! I can't imagine moving somewhere by myself and knowing no one! The worst part of this fear is that this is just a possibility and I am a year away from actually making a decision about where I will live. 

Since I am such a planner and would like to schedule the rest of my life out right now, the thought of not knowing where I will work, where I will live, and what will happen in the next year gives me anxiety at times when I sit and think about right now. 

However, the thing that helps me most with this struggle is prayer and trusting in the lord. I know I will have the job I am suppose to, live where God wants to me to, and work in school where God has placed me. That is the beauty of having a relationship with christ, knowing and trusting that Gods plan is perfect and if I can't plan my life out like I would like to, God already has :) 


Here are a few pics I took this weekend! My sister is home for two weeks from college until she leaves to be a camp counselor for the summer! We went to this awesome new sushi place after church Sunday, so delicious! 
Me and my sisters!

The really cool decor, yes thats a roll of sushi on fire, and another roll at the bottom. 

Self shot! 

Happy Monday! 

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  1. Ugh talk about scheduling and planning. I am the same way. I at first hate when I don't have things scheduled but after a while it gets relaxing and I don't want to go back to a scheduled life lol!