Tuesday, May 7, 2013


Blogging everyday in May Day 7: Wahoo One week! The challenge today is to blog about things you are afraid of. Well I am a scaredy cat so this one was easy for me to think of things.

Airplanes: I am terrified of flying! I honestly believe that every flight I am on will end up just falling from the sky to the ground. I have horrible anxiety every time I am on a flight to the point it annoys the person next to me. Literally, the last time I flew was on my way home from the Bahamas. It was a shaky flight which obviously put me in full panic mode. I gripped the armrest next to me, put my head straight back into the seat, and recited the lords prayer for a non exaggerated twenty five minutes. Sorry to those who have to sit next to me on a plane, I apologize in advanced. 

Cats: Sorry for you cat lovers out there but cats terrify me! I feel like they are always staring me down, waiting for the right moment to just pounce and attack me. They move way to quickly for me and I never can fully keep my eye on them. They always want to rub their bodies against your legs, I think they try to get you on their side right before they want to attack you. I know, this is a crazy fear, but I really am terrified of cats.

I also have many other weird fears, but these two stood out the most. What scares you? 


  1. Have a drink on your next flight and see if that doesn't help calm you down. I'm much more afraid of dogs then cats. Big dogs.
    Oozing Out My Ears

  2. Haha i'm the same exact way with flying! It's so weird too because I used to love flying but I get such bad anxiety now :(